Guitarman Luke

Solo World-Music Guitar Show

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One man, one classical (nylon-string) guitar, one loop pedal and a PA, playing African folk, Reggae, and Latin-American rhythms with elements of jazz, funk, blues, and folk music.

This show would suit either as background music or an audience-focused show ( or even as a music workshop!) 

Up to 3 hours of live guitar music.


About Luke :

Guitarist, music producer and teacher from England, with a background in UK Folk, Two-Tone Reggae, and World Music.  Luke’s been playing guitar for over 20 years as a professional guitarist, has recorded and produced seven albums, appeared on another five, and has played live with a variety of bands and musicians from around the world; including English folk legend ‘Martha Tilston’, West-African kora master ‘Jail Hammay’ and NZ Afrocentric world-music band ‘Ras Judah & Culture Embassy’.

With two music teaching diplomas through the London College of Music, a distinction at grade 8 on guitar, and over 12 years of experience teaching guitar to all ages and levels, he can also give you an educational show talking through what he’s playing.