Interactive Dance


"To dance is to be out of yourself.  Larger, more beautiful, more powerful”

Agnes de Mille (American Dancer & Author)

This unique dance workshop is for everyone, whether they usually dance or not, and particularly suitable for evening events. This is a fun interactive dance journey that takes everyone through a range of simple dances and theatrical movements that fit an array of styles of music, including traditional folk, salsa, hip-hop, rock’n’roll, ska, etc. It’s interactive as it will entail dancing a pairs, groups, and even everyone altogether at times!


There’s no need for pre-teaching the dances in this workshop, the music starts and MC gives instructions such as “Twist to the music” or “Nod your head to the beat, catch someone’s eye and say what’s up!”, and slightly more complex instructions such as “face your partner, now walk in time to the music towards your partner, then circle your partner keeping your backs to each other, then move back to where you started and bow, then change partner and repeat” (a simple Breton Dance), or “everyone in a circle, hold hands, and all skip anticlockwise until further instructions…” etc.  



  •    This workshop is ideal for 8-40 people.
  •    No previous experience is necessary.
  •    Music is provided, and a small PA is available at an additional cost.


Dance Workshop at Fundraiser, East Sussex, UK

Barn Dance with a Twist, at Luminate Festival, NZ

"Forget your troubles and dance!"
Bob Marley