"Music is intimately connected with the
essential relations between beings"

The Li Ji (Book of Rites) edited by Confucius


Choral singing is good for the soul, as well as for relaxation and general well-being. All who participate will feel a sense of connection and warmth, being brought together through song to experience higher levels of communication in English.

Course Details

As a group we will learn and practice a selection of breathing exercises, singing games, harmonies, beat poetry and fun chants from around the world. This includes folk music of the British Isles and African songs for the sheer fun of the hypnotic rhythms and beautiful harmonies they involve. Singing in a group removes any inhibitions that beginners may have. This course is therefore suitable for everyone.


Writing songs and poetry is a highly creative art that benefits the soul, in a similar way to painting or playing a musical instrument. It is a clever skill and through this unique workshop a class works together to write and ultimately perform their own song.

Course Details

Using straightforward procedures, students will be shown how to write a structured song or rap, working together to make coherent sentences that rhyme. Participants will surprise themselves at their ability to spontaneously write an entire song with depth and often great humour. By working in a group, inhibitions and shyness are cast aside and the end performances are generally very lively!