Drumming in a group is a great experience and unifies all who play, leaving participants feeling more alert and positively uplifted.In this workshop everyone has fun working together, to release a rhythm that comes from within them.

Course Details

During the first part of the workshop students will be shown various playing techniques on the djembe drum and a selection of percussion instruments. We then teach the group to play parts of rhythms, each person contributing to the overall sound. In the second part we will take a couple of rhythms a step further, improvising and heightening the general atmosphere of the group with the help of extra activities such as fun chants and body percussion. Everyone will have a chance to take lead and conduct the whole group. An experience that overcomes any pre-inhibitions and is as fun as it is confidence building. As an option the final jams can be recorded as a live performance onto CD.

Venue and all instruments are provided.