"Ceilidh actually means gathering, and dancing is just one of part of the festivities"
Tim Cotterall (Folk Musician and Ceilidh organiser)


Also known as Barn Dancing, Ceilidh Workshops are dance workshops that everyone enjoys, whether they usually dance or not. It’s so easy to join in! The dances, designed for groups and pairs, have been passed down over hundreds of years remaining close to tradition, yet they are timeless and suitable for all ages.

Course Details

During this workshop, we progressively teach a variety of traditional set dances, sometimes in pairs, in circles and in groups of various sizes that segregate, change and come back together again. Using traditional and world music, we dance to 4/4 and 3/4 timing, spinning, clapping, swapping, galloping up and down archways of people, waltzing, linking and even roaring! This workshop is impossible to not get excited about and is a great way to meet new people and install a sense of community. The ceilidh workshops are guided by a professional Ceilidh caller and experienced teacher. A traditional live Ceilidh band or Afro-Ceilidh band is available at an extra cost.

This workshop is ideal for 8-40 people.