Being in a band is unquestionably an exhilarating experience. This completely original workshop has been designed so that everyone can do just that. In a nutshell, we take a group without any necessary musical experience and get them to play guitar, bass, percussion, write a song in English and sing it - all in one session! To top this off, the students then record their work, enjoying the reward and pleasure of putting their whole creation on CD. Definitely a course to remember!

Course Details

The group will experience a working band's job of producing a finished piece of music, stage by stage. The students will work through a series of tasks, learning new skills in music and English including:
• singing & song-writing in English
• basic practice of musical instruments and music writing methods
• breathing and vocal exercises to enhance voice & confidence
• percussion workshop tasks
• having a chance to lead and conduct the group
(great fun and builds confidence)

Finally they will combine all these skills to put their own musical creation onto CD.

We provide all the musical instruments and studio recording equipment. This is TopHat's prize workshop, without a doubt a fantastic experience you won't find anywhere else.